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Lionel Messi posts hilarious picture of a Luis Suárez weird gift

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David Ramos/Getty Images

Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez are great friends, which is one of the reasons why the two and Neymar Jr. have done so well together at Barcelona. The 'MSN' trio likes each other on and off the pitch, and they even exchange the weirdest gifts.

Messi, still in recovery from a knee injury, posted a hilarious picture on Wednesday that shows a really weird gift he received from his Uruguayan teammate and friend:

Uma foto publicada por Leo Messi (@leomessi) em

"Thanks to my friend Luis for the pajamas! I don't understand why I got the 'Grumpy' one :)"

I bet my month's salary -- I actually don't -- that Luisito calls Messi "Grumpy", which might just be the coolest nickname ever.

Can't wait for Messi to buy Suárez Dracula pajamas. Wait, is that out of line?