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Luis Enrique talks Rayo Vallecano match, Lionel Messi return, hints at rotation

David Ramos/Getty Images

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique was back on the press room on Friday to preview his team's La Liga match against Rayo Vallecano. After two weeks without talking to the journalists, the Asturian manager was in a good mood, and answered all questions with good humor and positivity, perhaps showing how his team is felling at this moment.

It has been a difficult start to the season for the Catalan giants due to injuries, bad defensive performances and lack of creativity, but perhaps a two-week international break can help the team recover a good form. Enrique spoke about the game against the Vallecanos, Lionel Messi's road to recovery, and also hinted at a possible rotation of some of the heavy-minute players in the upcoming matches.

Here's a few highlights of his pregame presser:

"Rayo doesn't let you have the ball easily and they make you very uncomfortable. If we aren't sharp, they can take possession and control the ball. The key is to not lose the ball and to be good defensively. We will have to force them into making mistakes.

"Having Neymar and Suárez not travel is something that suits us, because we need them to be in top form. The idea is to keep an eye on the number of minutes players play, but it's no excuse.

"Almost 1000 minutes for Busquets and Mascherano already? It's not an ideal situation. Both are key players for us. I want to find time to give them some rest, but I can't find that time.

"Munir and Sandro are two great players with potential who must contribute little by little, but without pressure. They're moving in the right direction and, despite playing more than they could have expected, I think they're helping us a lot and can still give more.

"Overall, I prefer the satisfaction and pleasure of having lived in the Messi era. His return? The key is not to get him back for one game or another. The key is that he recovers well."