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Rayo Vallecano coach Paco Jémez on Barcelona match: "I dream of winning the possession battle"

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Rayo Vallecano manager Paco Jémez is one of the best coaches in La Liga, especially for the fans of attractive, appealing football, and the Spanish coach is getting his team ready for a key league match, at Camp Nou against Barcelona.

Speaking to the press before the game, Jémez showed that he sticks to his convictions and philosophies and wants his team to compete, yet play its own style in order to get a victory, which means we shouldn't expect a parked bus on Saturday. That means we'll have a very fun game.

Here's a rundown of Paco's quotes on his pregame presser:

"I dream that we are able to compete and win the possession battle at Camp Nou against Barcelona, that we make them uncomfortable with our high pressing and that my players have more courage than every other day of the entire season, because we'll need it.

"We have to go to the pitch with a good mentality, to play well and win. Winning without playing well is a lie, it will never happen. I want us to get to the locker room after the game, give ourselves a hug and feel good about how we play, no matter what the result will be.

"I want my team to attack the opposition, to create opportunities and try their best to defend against the best in the world. This is a game to enjoy.

"Messi's absence doesn't change our idea for the match. Messi is irreplaceable because there is nobody like him. Undoubtedly Barcelona has plenty of great players, but they won't have Messi because there's only one Messi. We want to use this to our advantage, but it won't change our idea for the game and what we intend to do there. I'm sure another player will step up."

Source: Diario Sport