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BATE Borisov vs Barcelona, Champions League: Pick the Lineup

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Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

After a very important win over Rayo Vallecano on Saturday, Barcelona continues its Champions League group stage run on Tuesday, starting a mini-series of two games against the weakest team on Group E -- and perhaps the entire competition --, BATE Borisov. The only issue is the long trip to Belarus, which is difficult with only three days to recover and prepare after the weekend game.

The injured players are now coming back, and apart from longterm absentees like Lionel Messi, Andrés Iniesta and Rafinha Alcântara, Luis Enrique can count on his entire defense with the probable medical clearance to Belgian center-back Thomas Vermaelen, who is certain to boost the defensive system if he can regain the exceptional form before his injury.

Because of the weak opponent, it is likely that we see a little rotation from coach Lucho, although it is hard to see any changes in the offensive side with the lack of bench options. But the back-line can change, and we give you the opportunity to choose your preferred starting lineup. You can do that by filling out the attached form below and by commenting on your selections. You can also keep up with the results of this poll by clicking here.