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Former Barcelona winger Pedro confesses struggle to adapt to Chelsea and "hard" Premier League

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Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Pedro Rodríguez chose to leave Barcelona because he didn't get the minutes he wanted. Now he's getting the minutes he wants, but it doesn't seem like he's enjoying himself.

The former Blaugrana had a shining start with Chelsea, but declined heavily lately and is only currently a starter for Jose Mourinho because Eden Hazard has fallen off a cliff. It's safe to assume that Pedro has struggled to adapt to the totally different style of the Premier League, and he looks lost at times.

According to him, those assumptions are correct.

"It's hard. It's very different to what I'm used to [at Barcelona]. But, little by little, I'm integrating more, adapting with my team-mates and the team and that's the most important thing.

"Everything is different, very different to the football I'm used to. I think there are a lot of differences, very physical football, very strong. A lot of players attack and it's always complicated. All the games are competitive and very balanced."

Source: Daily Mirror

It was your decision, Pedrito. I'm rooting for you, but you wanted this. Now deal with it.