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Neymar Jr. has Porsche confiscated, immediately buys a Ferrari

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Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It has been an eventful last few days for Neymar Jr., to say the least.

The Barcelona superstar is facing charges of an alleged €14 million tax evasion in Brazil between 2011 and 2013, which includes his transfer to the Catalan club. And then a Brazilian court froze €42 million of his assets, and also those of Neymar's father, Neymar Santos.

Among those assets, a beautiful 2011 Porsche worth €80,000 that was bought irregularly, according to the court's ruling. Losing a Porsche certainly hurts.

Unless you go and buy a Ferrari the next day:

Uma foto publicada por Nj (@neymarjr) em

"Thank you God for giving me good health so I can work hard and be able to make another childhood dream come true!!"

That's showing off, but it's a good response to the haters.

Nice ride, Ney.