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Sergio Busquets talks Barcelona-BATE, Messi absence, Neymar form

David Ramos/Getty Images

Barcelona is now ready to take on BATE Borisov on Tuesday's Champions League key match. The Blaugrana will face the weakest team in Group E twice in a row, and could qualify for the knockout stages with two victories. And one of the team leaders is aware and targeting exactly that.

Squad captain Sergio Busquets appeared before the press on Monday to preview the match, and while he respects the opposition, he is keen on getting a victory. No other result is acceptable. 'Busi' also talked about the impact of Lionel Messi's absence and the current form of Neymar Jr.

Here's a few highlights of his pregame presser:

"Depending on the result of Bayer-Roma and Roma-Bayer, it's clear that we could seal qualification to the next round if we take six points.

"We notice [when Messi is not there], he's the one that can best unbalance teams, who gives the most assists... he is the best in the world. Even though the system and the way of playing is practically the same without him, it's clear that have to make sure [his absence] is minimized.

"The leader on the pitch should be someone with Neymar's characteristics. I hope he can continue on his streak.

"In the Champions League, any game is tough away from home. They may not seem like a side who will qualify, but that doesn't mean they can't make things difficult. I think they will be compact, sit back and try to counter-attack when they can."

Source: Diario Sport