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Barcelona Loan Watch: Alen Halilovic records assist in Sporting Gijón fantastic draw

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Alen Halilovic took the pitch on Monday for Sporting Gijón to close out Round 8 of La Liga against Granada, and the Barcelona loanee took another step towards stardom with another very good performance.

The Croatian youngster, as you can see in the video above, was once again a midfield boss. He played as a playmaker behind a striker, but switched positions with the right winger plenty of times. You can see some sweet skills in a few take-ons, good passing and vision, and the willingness to come back all the way to the defensive half to get the ball and build plays up from there.

Gijón was destined for a loss at home when Granada went up 3-1 with just 5 minutes to go, but then Alen went to work and dished out a beautiful assist to make it 2-3 for the hosts:

That goal sparkled Sporting, who fought hard and got a last-minute goal to end the game with a positive 3-3 draw. Gijón is now 12th in the league table, getting way from the relegation battle, thanks mainly to Halilovic who just keeps on improving.

What an exciting kid.