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BATE Borisov vs Barcelona, Champions League 2015/16: Predict the Score

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Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Barcelona returns to Champions League duty on Tuesday following a very good win last weekend against Rayo Vallecano. It wasn't the greatest collective performance we've ever seen, but it was good enough to secure three important points.

It also served as a reminder that Neymar Jr. is an incredible footballer. His four-goal show was sensational, and he showed that he can take the keys and run the machine without Lionel Messi. Now, the Brazilian hopes to build upon his fantastic performance against BATE Borisov, the weakest team in Group E.

BATE shocked the world by beating Roma three weeks ago, but facing Barça is another level of difficulty. Can the Belaruisan champions do the trick once again, or will Neymar, Suárez and Co. get a comfortable win once again?

That's where you come in, Barça fans! Predict the score of tonight's matchup using the comment section below. Good luck!