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Luis Enrique talks Sevilla game, anti-Barcelona agenda, injuries

David Ramos/Getty Images

It wasn't the most pleasant press conference since Luis Enrique has joined Barcelona. The Asturian manager was very direct towards some questions from journalists, and even said a few of them are on a quest to make life difficult for him. That's a page out of some Chelsea manager's book.

Other than saying there is an agenda against the club from some people close to it, Enrique also talked about football, the next match against Sevilla. And despite the bad form of his opponent, Lucho is not taking the game for granted, especially because of his injury problems and the struggle to play well again. He also praised the upcoming international break, and is relieved that his stars like Neymar Jr. and Luis Suárez will not go on national team duty, which helps the Blaugrana.

Here's a few highlights of Enrique's heated presser:

Anti-Barça agenda: I see that there's a desire to twist things, not from within Barça, but outside of the club. But, fine, we are like a cork and we will keep on floating and keep on fighting. We will continue trying to make things enjoyable for our fans.

Sevilla game: We take on the game with a lot of players out, but they are situations which happen throughout a season. I expect a difficult game. It's the last in a run of seven games in 21 days, so there's a tiredness factor and it's been complicated. Their results have surprised me this season, it shows how difficult it is to win games. We have seen teams [in the past] play in the Champions League and go down in the sam season.

Injuries: I won't use injuries as an excuse. I never hide behind injuries or suspensions. Here we judge things on results. What the media do does not interest me -- I have total confidence in my team.

Gumbau and Samper: It's not nice to compare the two. It would not be kind. That's an ugly question. You can't compare two Barcelona players. They are both players for the future, but I won't compare them.

Luis Suarez: Luis Suarez was questioned at the beginning, which is normal. When the performances aren't as expected, the critics appear. But he is in a great moment and he's vital for us. He is key for what he brings in terms of leadership.

Neymar missing Brazil games: The international break is always a relief for me, because you have little time to savor [things]. I think it will do Neymar well not to play with his national team [and rest].

Source: Sport