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Unai Emery says Barcelona match is 'perfect timing' for Sevilla

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

It hasn't been the best of starts for Unai Emery and Sevilla, but Saturday's match against Barcelona could be a turning point for him and his team.

The Rojiblanco coach spoke to the media before the La Liga encounter between the two Spanish powerhouses, and although the Seville side is facing relegation due to a terrible start to the league campaign, Emery is still confident that his players can come back, and going up against a team like Barça gives the group a perfect opportunity to show its quality, just like we saw in the unforgettable UEFA Super Cup a few months ago, perhaps the best Sevilla match of this new season.

Here's a few highlights of Emery's presser:

"We are very excited to play Barcelona. It's a great rival that will force the players to step up, and this is the perfect scenario to show that we can win big games and make the fans happy.

"In the last few days the goal has been to have a positive environment for the group, trying to solve problems and search for solutions.

"It's the perfect day to face Barça. Even without Messi they're the favorites to win every game, including on Saturday. Their injuries don't make the game easier because we also have our own problems. It happens to all teams.

"Obviously every new loss affects the players and everyone at the club, but it's good to see that everyone is working towards the same goal. The dressing room is very united, the group is getting stronger and we need to get something right to start changing this situation."

Source: Mundo Deportivo