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La Liga: Sevilla FC vs FC Barcelona: Predict the Score

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A chance for you to predict the score of this afternoon's La Liga clash between Barcelona and Sevilla

Alex Caparros/Getty Images

For the good of our own health, I sure hope that Barcelona and Sevilla don't have another nine-goal thriller in line for us this afternoon. As entertaining as the UEFA Super Cup was, it wreaked havoc on my nerves and probably shortened my life by at least a few hours, even if Pedro eventually popped up to seal the win and deliver the trophy.

Fortunately, Sevilla don't seem to be as confident as they were on that day, which should help to compensate for our injuries; unless you've been living under a rock or have spent the past week in Pyongyang, you'll know that the Blaugrana are without Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta -- two huge misses that could easily turn the tide in the favour of the hosts. There is rumour that Luis Enrique could consider a drastic tactical change to try and alleviate the problems that their absences create, but that remains to be seen.

Make no mistake, the table in this instance is lying when it suggests that today's match will be straight-forward; it's anything but and following last week's turn of events, we can't afford to slip up. Not because we fell behind -- but because we want to keep up the pressure on league leaders, Villarreal and maintain our lead over Real Madrid. Well, more the second one to be honest -- the longer we stay ahead of Los Blancos in the standings, the better.

Predict the score of this afternoon's match by commenting with your prediction below. Best of luck!