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Ivan Rakitic on defeat against Sevilla: 'This kind of loss hurts badly'

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Former Sevilla star Ivan Rakitic was not happy to see his former teammates beat him.

The Barcelona midfielder, who played well on Saturday's loss, looked pretty sad in the postgame interview right after the final whistle, and the Croatian highlighted the team's poor finishing, which in his mind is the main reason why the Blaugrana were defeated. Rakitic didn't try to use the many injuries to the squad as an excuse for the bad result, but showed confidence that he and his teammates can turn things around.

Here's a few of his post-match quotes:

"It hurts badly to lose like this, especially because we've created so many clear chances and didn't take advantage of it, and they only had two chances and scored two goals. It definitely hurts to lose the way we did, but we have to get up and improve.

"The injuries are part of football, they're very damaging to us, and we hope they recover as soon as possible. A lot of other teams also have injuries and we can't use it as an excuse, we have to think about getting better.

"We have won everything and everyone wants to take the champions down. These things happen in this sport, but these losses make us better as a group and a team."

Source: Mundo Deportivo