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Barca Blaugranes Nominated For Best Club Blog Award -- Vote Now!

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All you need to do is click this link

Regular readers of the site might remember that about a month ago, we posted a "call to action" of sorts, asking you to support our nomination in the upcoming Football Blogging Awards. The response was overwhelming; we are all extremely grateful for all your support and truly, without meaning to sound all sentimental, it makes this all worthwhile. And now, thanks to your support Barca Blaugranes has made the cut and received an official nomination to remain in the running for the Best Club Blog award at the 2015 Football Blogging Awards.

Competition is going to be fierce; we're up against nine other fantastic blogs, including two of our sister sites who also fall under the SB Nation umbrella: 7500 to Holte and Lion of Vienna Suite. The award really is up for the taking -- which is why I'd like to ask you all for your support once again.

The votes have been reset, and we're starting from zero; so if you'd like to show your support and get behind Barca Blaugranes as we bid to bring home the proverbial silverware, then click here to submit your vote via Twitter, and/or click here to submit your vote online.

Every vote counts, and it goes without saying that we appreciate each and every one -- so thanks for all your support.

For a full list of nominations for this, and all the other awards, check out the Football Blogging Awards website.

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