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Barcelona will have richest kit sponsorship deal in the world as talks advance with Qatar

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David Ramos/Getty Images

Barcelona are set to have a lot more money coming in due to their kit sponsorship deal.

The Catalan club has been searching for a new agreement since the one they have with Qatar Airways is set to expire soon, but the current sponsors do not want to lose their position and opportunity to expose the brand on the world's most popular club's jersey. And so they're pushing for a new deal, and that's where things get interesting -- and richer.

However, after analyzing the market and seeing the existing options, Barça have arrived at the conclusion that it's practically impossible to find an offer better than those that arrive from the Middle East. In fact, the principle sponsors of Real Madrid, Arsenal, Manchester City, PSG and Milan come from Dubai and the UAE.

As of today, Qatar Airways are ready to renew their commitment to FC Barcelona in a deal worth more than the initial one negotiated by Faus — it could even top Manchester United's deal with Chevrolet. We are talking around 70 million euros a season, when last season Barça only got 35 million euros. That's to say almost double... without counting the training kits.

Source: Sport

If both parties sign the deal, Barça will surpass Manchester United and have the richest shirt sponsorship agreement on the planet. That will be vital to meet the growing salary and transfer fee demands of today's football, as well as to invest on the Espai Barça, which includes reforming the Camp Nou.

That's great, now give me a Treble.