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Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff talks "ridiculous" Messi-Ronaldo comparison: "Messi is the better player"

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Ian Walton/Getty Images

When he's not playing golf for fun, legendary Barcelona player and coach Johan Cruyff is playing golf at promotional events. He really loves golf. And golf is a nice sport, I can agree. But this is not about golf. This is about football, and when he's not talking about golf, Johan Cruyff decides to give his two cents on some football subjects.

This time he decided to discuss the ever-lasting comparisons between Barça icon Lionel Messi and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. And he had a strong stance on the issue, saying very clearly that the comparison is "ridiculous", since the Blaugrana genius is clearly a better player.

Here's a rundown of his quotes:

"I've always liked technical players because I've been a bit like that. Cristiano is a great player, but he's just a goalscorer. Cristiano will never be the player who can create or take care team that his team plays well. He is just a finisher."

"Messi is much more a team player than Cristiano is. He scores but also produces many assists. For me as a player, Messi is better. There is a big difference in being just a great goalscorer and being the best player. Messi deserves Ballon d'Or, no discussion."

"Every person that understands football knows this. It's absolutely ridiculous to me that some people actually think Messi isn't the best."

"This isn't about Cristiano at all. He's a fantastic player, one of the best goalscorers ever. This is about how ridiculously good Messi is."

Hey, it looks like Cruyff still knows some football!