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Las Palmas defender recalls "accidental" play, sends message to injured Lionel Messi

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Alex Caparros/Getty Images

We're now close to two weeks without Lionel Messi after the Barcelona superstar got injured in a league game against Las Palmas in a Saturday afternoon at Camp Nou. The play itself is a weird one, and we now can hear from the guy who took part on that play.

Las Palmas defender Pedro Bigas spoke this week about the now infamous challenge in which he kicked the ball at the same time as the Argentinian star, and the impact of the clash ended up tearing a ligament in Messi's left knee, an injury that will keep him out for approximately two months. According to Bigas, he never meant to hurt Leo, and he sent a nice message to round things up:

"I didn't do it on purpose, I played the ball and he was hurt taking the shot. He's a great player and I hope he recovers quickly. I wanted to speak with him after the game but he had gone to the hospital for tests. I didn't know he was hurt [at the time], only after when the game had stopped.

"The impact was with the ball, me and him. I don't want to keep going over it but hopefully he recovers soon as he's one of the best players in the world."

Source: Diario Sport

I've watched that play over and over again, and there's no way we can assume that Bigas ever intended to injure Messi. It's a football play that had a bad consequence, but it was an accident. We have no problem with you, dude. And thanks for the message! We appreciate it.