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La Liga president says Barcelona has a right to register Arda Turan

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David Ramos/Getty Images

Barcelona are gaining momentum in their quest to register Arda Turan.

The Catalan giants have made several requests to FIFA in order to get the Turkish midfielder on the books before the January registration period, thanks to a special clause on the Spanish Federation regulation that allows, but football's governing body reportedly denied all of them, maintaining their transfer ban on the Blaugrana, even though that ban no longer applies, which is a ridiculous thing that only FIFA can pull off.

Barça have decided then to take the case to the Court of Abritration for Sport, and they received a huge amount of support from the Spanish Federation, that met and decided to back the Blaugrana on the issue. There's another important supporter on the way, as La Liga president Javier Tebas also spoke on behalf of Barça, saying the club should be able to exercise their right to register Arda, because the rules say they can.

"In Spain, clubs are permitted to incorporate a player when another is out injury for a period of five months or longer. I think Barca are within their right to do so. I think they should be authorised [by FIFA] to register Turan."

Source: ESPN FC

Now that Sepp Blatter is no longer the president for the next three months, maybe our luck changes?