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Real Madrid 0-4 Barcelona, Post-Match Reaction: 3 Things we Learned

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Barcelona fans are still buzzing about what they saw on Saturday, when the Blaugrana visited the Santiago Bernabéu and completely decimated Real Madrid in one of the best performances by the Catalans in quite some time. Here's three takeaways from what we saw this weekend.

1. Rafa Benítez is still Rafa Benítez

The Madrid manager had one of his worst coaching performances ever, in his first El Clásico as a boss. He made a good starting lineup choice, but the instructions were absurdly bad. He relied on long balls and hopeless counter-attacks all night. His defense had plenty of holes, he couldn't pressure Barça's midfield to recover the ball - Sergio Busquets always saw nobody in front or behind him as he received a pass - and couldn't come up with any answers as the deficit increased. However, we know this is Benítez - an overrated coach relying on one wild night's success more than ten years ago who can't reinvent himself but somehow continues to get great job offers. Lucky Barça.

2. Andrés Iniesta is a god... isn't he?

I seriously began to wonder that after his display on Saturday. Andrés was otherworldly, the true maestro of a team masterpiece. He was involved in every passing sequence, every important chance, assisted one goal and scored another. But his goal wasn't just like any other, it was special and beautiful. We all thought the Iniesta who dominated the world alongside Xavi between 2009-2012 would not be back. At least for one night, on the biggest stage, he did. And it was amazing to see. Thanks for what you did, Andrés. That performance is now part of El Clásico history. Again, lucky Barça.

3. La Liga is not yet won

Sounds like a big cliché to say this, but it's true. Barça has amassed 30 of potential 36 points in the first twelve games of the season. That's ridiculous percentage territory, and that pace is close to impossible to maintain when you're also contending for the Spanish Cup and the Champions League. There are 26 games to go, and the goal is to keep the six-point lead built until now. The hardest part of the schedule, however, has already been played, with games against Bilbao, Atléti, Madrid themselves and others coming at home. The chance of winning the league is bigger than we might have expected, but it's far from over. Let's wait and enjoy the ride.

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