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The Premier League is going CRAZY!!!!!!! because of Pedro

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Pedro Rodríguez is one of those key role players that every team wants to have. Barcelona has him, and everytime his number is called, he answers and plays well. But every once in a while, Pedro doesn't seem very happy that he's not a regular starting forward at Luis Enrique's team.

However, Pedro knows that it's VERY difficult for him to be a starter over Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and Luis Suárez. Which is why he accepts his important role as a energy reserve who can score and defend. And, frankly, it's good to have a reserve who doesn't like to be a reserve. That means he'll always do whatever he can to prove to his coach that he deserves more minutes. If his unhappiness doesn't become a problem and he's still doing his best and earning good minutes here and there, what coach doesn't want a player like this on his squad?

But the rumor mill is unstoppable. Recently, Pedro made some remarks expressing his ALLEGED frustration over his lack of minutes played, even though he said that he is happy at the club.

"I don't know what's happening in the future. As of right now, I'm happy here with the club, but you never know what's going to happen in the future. I'm calm and focused on what I can do to help the club until the end of the season."

Source: Sport

Apparently, that means that Pedro is gonna leave Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means the Premier League is "monitoring the situation and ready to make an offer if there's any indication that Pedro might leave at the end of the season". You know, the standard transfer rumor.

According to the amazing England sources, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool are set to lure Pedro out of the Catalans once the season is over and he can't stand being a backup to three of the best players in the world. But hey, the internet knows everything, right?

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