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Luis Suarez Did Not Bite Martin Demichelis

Because apparently, we actually have to confirm things like this when the British media is involved

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Just when you thought that British media couldn't plunge to a new low, along came FC Barcelona's UEFA Champions League Round of 16 tie against Manchester City. Prior to the match, we were treated to a plethora of under-handed, short-sighted reporting -- more on that later this evening -- and after the match was all said and done, another fresh, steaming barrage of tabloid bullsh*t was sent our way.

After his brace secured a Blaugrana victory and ultimately emphasised what had been his best performance for the club to date, it should come as no surprise that the former Liverpool favourite Luis Suarez was the target. His track record with the fans in England is patchy to say the least -- making the Uruguayan an easy victim. He is after all the man that simply everyone loves to hate.

And while that may be true, there can be no excuses for the shoddy and seemingly baseless accusations being thrown at the Barca forward: including a real gem from the Telegraph in which it is claimed that Suarez may have bitten Martin Demichelis.

The corroborating evidence? A few grainy photos, and a video of a late "altercation" between the pairing. Viewed in isolation, it's tough to imagine anyone else quite reaching the same conclusion, yet with this element of suggestion planted, there is no doubt that there will be some who mindlessly believe the story. Never mind that Martin Demichelis did not react at the time, nor has he hinted that anything untoward happened in the incident after the match.

But hey, we can't let that get in the way of some good old click-bait now can we...

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