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To FC Barcelona with Love

Business end of the season is here and the support of the fans can be the difference between the club's success and failure. Have you loved your club enough lately?

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images


It's funny. Maybe even a bit ridiculous.

Go on a eleven game winning streak, hiccup against Malaga and bounce right back in the Champions League with a rather impressive 2-1 performance against the Premier League title holders in their own backyard yet the majority of media outlets are focused on Lionel Messi's penalty miss and Luis Suarez's alleged biting incident. Sure, we could've left the blue side of Manchester with a better scoreline but shouldn't we try and look at the positives?

• (2) away goals courtesy of Luis Suarez

• Despite missing the extra time penalty, Messi causing havoc all over the pitch

• Pique showing signs of inheriting Puyol's throne at the back

• Significant improvement in cohesive team play against quality European opposition

In addition, Manchester City still have to make their way onto Camp Nou's wide pitch and perfectly cut green grass with the intention of attacking if they expect to progress. Needless to say - there will be space. Lots of it. With space, comes goals.

So can we smile a little more?

Smiles are Contagious

Former Barca players Ronaldinho and Henry share a smile

The one defining element about our club's mindset that I absolutely love and wish was appreciated much more among media, fans and critics alike is our insistence to search for more goals. Regardless of who were up against, where were playing or when it takes place Barca remain loyal to it's attacking ideology.

As far back as 2013, Barca drew 2-2 to French giants PSG in the Champions League where they would have been forgiven for sitting back and defending their away goal advantage. Instead, Xavi dismissed the suggestion that the club might play more defensively in the return fixture:

"Barcelona always look to attack, have possession of the ball and be the protagonists," he said. "That's how we'll approach the return."

They say boxing is a science. Well football is too. Knowing when to attack and when to defend requires strategic intricacy but everyone loves the fighter who always intends on staying actively involved in the bout. It's entertaining and so is FC Barcelona. Time we remember to appreciate that attacking philosophy and love our club just a little bit more for it.

I find it comical when I think...

Atletico Madrid are the La Liga Champions and Real Madrid are the Champions League holders and yet neither club consistently faces opposition content to sit back and "park the bus" as frequently as FC Barcelona does.

Go figure.

That alone indicates what kind of team we have. Let's enjoy it. It's the business end of the campaign and every match from here on out is a final. Your support could be infectious and spread all the way to Camp Nou itself.

Let's show our undying support for our beloved club.

Granada, you're up next.

P.S. Attacking Philosophy = Entertainment = Smiles = Love your Club

Visca Barca!

- Elzi

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