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Report: Barcelona plan to line up audacious swoop for Real Madrid midfielder

Crazy? Maybe not

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Even though Barcelona is banned and can't perform transfers until next year, that doesn't mean they can't plan the future in terms of which players they could look for to strengthen the squad for 2016. And according to a surprising report, they don't need to look to far away to find just who they need.

Mundo Deportivo is reporting today that the Blaugrana could be looking for Isco Alarcón, the talented Real Madrid midfielder. Now we could laugh here and say this is all a big rib, but when we think about it, that might not be so ludicrous.

Think about this: Madrid's midfield is stacked with talent from top to bottom. Toni Kroos and Luka Modric are two of the best central mids on the planet, and they are certain starters in Carlo Ancelotti's scheme. James Rodríguez is also one of the untouchables, as he's had a great season of his own. Lucas Silva has just arrived in Madrid, and his performances as Cruzeiro's midfield anchor in Brazil also proved that he might be a big part of Real's future in that position.

Although Isco has had a solid set of all-around performances thus far, it is clear that he is not the number one option at Madrid's midfield. In fact, if Silva evolves into the star that many think he can be, Isco might become the last option, below Kroos, Modric, James and Silva. Add to that the possible arrival of Marco Reus next season, and Isco's chances of being a valuable part of the squad in the years to come are close to zero. A player with his set of skills would be welcome at Barça, and his versatility to play every position in the midfield and forward spots could be valuable for a rotation-happy coach like Luis Enrique.

Also, it's not absurd to think that a Barça-Madrid transfer is impossible to happen. Enrique himself was a Blanco before coming to Barça and turning into a Blaugrana legend. Luis Figo followed the reverse path, going from Catalunya to Madrid and becoming a Real great. It's not a guarantee that a Madrid player is never going to Barcelona. There is a chance.

Of course, it's very unlikely. But if Barça aren't able to land Reus, it wouldn't be crazy to think that Isco is a tangible option. What do you think, Blaugranes?

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