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Barca Blaugranes Q & A: The Answers

In part one of our answers, myself and Xoel answer your questions,

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images


What do you think about Barça getting the treble? - Speedyy_Tommy7

With the attacking trio of Neymar, Messi, and Suárez anything is possible. Perhaps this team is more suited to a Champions League success as you would back them to beat any team over two legs. The league is also still doable. - SC

What do you guys think of our chances in the Champions League, especially against Chelsea, Bayern, and maybe Real Madrid? - Varungrover & Cule4life

As always, it depends on the draw. - XC

Lucho has to win the Copa, but do you think the new board will let him stay only if he wins La Liga as well? - EZ - E

Very tough to say. I can see Laporta giving Lucho one more season when he becomes boss. Then again, Joan may want a complete makeover at manager. But who knows. Too early to predict. - XC

Who do you think will finish as La Liga's top goalscorer considering Messi's recent form? - Cule4life

I still think Ronaldo will finish atop due to his PKs and poaching tendencies. But Messi will get more recognition due to his overall play, assists, "hockey assists," and influence in a game. Leo's fifth Ballon d'Or is coming. - XC

How do you think Madrid will fare at the Camp Nou considering their defeat to Atlético? - Barcacatalunya

I expect a game like last season's first Clásico, when Barça beat Madrid 2-1. Tight and tense game, especially knowing a win by Barça gives them the lead in the Liga table, and a Madrid game opens up their Liga lead. - XC

Would you agree with Bartomeu and his rather desperate ways to claim last minute votes for the 2015 elections by claiming a conspiracy? - EZ - E

It does have a hint of desperation from a man who knows he probably won't win but isn't resigned to defeat just yet. - SC


What do you think will happen once elections take over, do you think Barça could get a guy like Jerome Boateng or Marco Reus next year?- Speedyy_Tommy7

More often then not, the promise of a big signing is used as a candidate's main selling point. But as we saw with David Beckham, these don't always turn out the way they were supposed to. I think Reus is a realistic target but I don't see any club tempting away top Bayern players like Boateng, especially with Guardiola in charge. - SC

Realistically how do you think things will change after Laporta wins the elections? Hype around him is too much... and what exactly is the truth behind the debt issue when he left? - Barca Boy

That's a good point. There is hype around Laporta due to his history and, quite frankly, the fact that he is being seen as a "savior" figure. We won't see big changes in Barcelona in the fall due to the transfer ban, but I am certain the locker room and the feeling around the Camp Nou will be less tense than it has been in the Rosell/Bartomeu presidency. - XC

If Laporta becomes president, who are the likely candidates for the hotspot? - EZ - E

It's no secret Laporta loves Guardiola but Pep has spoken of never returning to be Barcelona's head coach. We could perhaps see him working at a boardroom level but I feel that's for much later in his career. Personally I see Enrique being in charge for a while yet. - SC

Why is Reus considered loyal? - barca96

Reus is loyal for now. If/when Dortmund head down to the second division, I have a hard time seeing him staying at BVB-trying to fight back to the first division-while his talents in the prime of his career go to waste. Personally, I see Reus either joining an EPL team in 2016 or somehow joining Barça in '16. - XC


Xavi's situation next season, according to you guys? Will it depend on the new board? - Rajesh1101s

Personally, I don't think so. I think he's ready to either join a team outside of Spain or call it a career. He wants to coach one day, and I wouldn't be surprised if he retired after this season to get started on his journey to become a manager. - XC

If Xavi decides to leave, Should more chances be given to Sergi Roberto or should we recall Denis Suarez? - Rajesh1101s

As much as I have wanted to see Sergi Roberto succeed, I feel Denis Suarez could have the brighter future. - XC

Who's our next proposed RB? - msalmanz & abhi3pie

Pedro! Just kidding. Danilo of Porto is a candidate. - XC

Do you think Lucho's system is sustainable enough to maintain their current run of form or do you see players like Iniesta, Messi and Neymar burning out like under Tito? - EZ - E

I think the odds of a burnout are greater at midfield than at the forward position. - XC

Do you think Monty still has it in him to elevate himself to Carvajal's and Bartra to Varane's level? - EZ - E

Personally, I think Bartra is already at Varane's "level." - XC

On Busquets' form, can his passing still warrant a start for him? - EZ - E

For now, yes in Liga game. But I would be tempted to see Javier Mascherano start at CDM with Gerard Pique and Marc Bartra at center-back for a big game like the Champions League or the next Clásico.

Call me crazy, but with Sergi Samper eventually joining the first team, don't be shocked if Busi becomes the back-up CDM. If Busi struggles next season, we may have seen the peak of Busi's prime. - XC

Is Rafinha compatible enough to ensure a stable, energetic midfield with Rakitic? - EZ - E

Absolutely. - XC

Who is going to be our long term CB? - EZ - E

Pique and Bartra with Mascherano. Mathieu is better off substituting Jordi Alba at LB when needed. The CB duo of the longer-term future is Bartra and a CB that hasn't been signed yet. Our future CB is not at La Masia, in my opinion. Laporta will have to go out and find one in the market in 2016. - XC

Do you think possession football will still be effective? - ChalkLitIScream

Yes, but the tactics need to be sharper. Just standing at one stop is hopeless, as has happened to Barcelona in recent years. If we watch what Bayern Munich do under Pep, they know how to do be effective with possession football while still being deadly under attack. North-south movement, the right and left backs cutting into the box when attacking (what Dani Alves used to do) and so on. And it's not just all Pep; it's the right players with the knowledge of how to play the best of both worlds. This is why German football (not just Bayern and Dortmund) is tactically better than most leagues. - XC

What is the latest on Vermaelen? - nolet

Still injured. Lol. Jk. He's recovering and rehabbing. - XC

Thoughts on these lineups - Prcho

possible formation 1
possible formation 2

I like them both although I lean more towards the second one, I feel you need four at the back for the better teams. - SC

If you can use Neymar as a reference, do you see Suarez's lapse as normal? - Andrew Ardila

I'd even go as far to say Suárez is progressing faster then Neymar. It took the Brazilian until his second season before really hitting top gear but Suárez seems to be at his best right now. - SC

Will Suarez be as integrated and effective next season, as Neymar is proving to be this season? - Cule4life

No question. It took Neymar a season to get fully acquainted at Barcelona and I expect the same with Luis Suarez. We'll see a better Luis Suarez in 2015-16. - XC

Do you think the defence has improved from last season or the inform strikers are hiding the problem? - Barcacatalunya

I'd lean towards the latter. - XC

Who is the best choice to start at pivote? - Barcacatalunya

In my opinion, it's Busquets. - SC

How does the Neymar-Messi combination rate against other partnerships in the world? - Barcacatalunya

It's up there with the best of them, especially as a trident with Suárez it's hard to think of many better. - SC

Who do you think became the sole orchestrator of midfield? - Barcacatalunya

Overall? Johan Cruyff. - XC

What is the role of Iniesta in the team? - Barcacatalunya

Here's an article with my thoughts! - SC

Is Isco the future Iniesta? - abhi3pie

There is no "future Iniesta." Don Andres is one of the greatest players in Barcelona history and one of the best midfielders ever. Iniesta is a once-in-a-generation midfielder. Isco has tremendous skills, some of them a bit reminiscent of Iniesta, but let's be fair to Isco and not try to compare him to Andres Iniesta. Let him be his own footballer. - XC


If Xavi decides to leave, Should more chances be given to Sergi Roberto or should we recall Denis Suarez? - Rajesh1101s

Give me Denis any day. Sergi has talent, but we haven't seen too much that merits more first-squad action. Sergi Roberto may end up becoming another Johnny Two-Saints (Jonathan Dos Santos): a player with good talent but not good enough to be a FC Barcelona first-squad player. - XC

Where do D. Suarez and Halilović fit in to the future outlook? - EZ - E

Halilovic is definitely a good fit in the future. Denis Suarez is closer to being a first-team Barcelona member than Alen, obviously. Halilovic still needs more time, while Denis is already starting and playing in first-division games at Sevilla. My concern with Denis is that he may have too much competition in the midfield if Denis re-joins FCB next season. Iniesta, Rakitic and Rafinha are there (Busi is obviously a CDM with Masherano and in the future, Sergi Samper) and if Barcelona goes for a midfielder in the future like Marco Reus, where does Denis fit in? Can't have five attacking midfielders on the team, right? Does Reus become a full-time winger? Some questions to ask. - XC

Will Messi likely drop to midfield once he reaches 31-32? and if he does, will it be Deulofeu, Adama, Tello, or Munir to replace him at RF? - EZ - E

Most likely Adama. - XC

Is Samper up for the challenge of competing with Busi at the start of next season based on his current progression rate? - EZ - E

Probably not next season, but in 2016-17 for sure. - XC

Who, from our youngsters do you guys think will be in our future first/starting team? -Sarim097

Sergi Samper for sure. Adama may go on loan next season, but he won't be sold. Alen Halilovic is part of the future as well. - XC

Which youngster, do you think will make a mark and solidify his place in the ‘Future Barça'? - Barcacatalunya

Sergi Samper and Alen Halilovic, in my opinion. Adama will be there as well. - XC


Why out of all right backs do you think we signed Douglas? - PG9

I said it before and I'll say it again: the signing of Douglas has to be some sort of favor returned to a Brazilian company (who maybe owned Dougie's rights) or to a Brazilian agent that did business with Sandro Rosell. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but being an "IOU" returned is possible. As the question states: Why him out of all the other RBs?! - XC

Do you think Douglas will be loaned out? - nolet

I wish he was sold. - XC

If he doesn't renew, do you think Dani Alves will be missed? - messism

Overall, yes. He was a big reason for Barcelona's success in the Pep Guardiola era and true Culés won't forget that. Yes, we all poke fun of him, but in the end, Culés will always be grateful to Dani Alves. - XC

Is there anyone you can think of that Barcelona will have eyes on to purchase in Jan 2016? - Cule4life

Depends on who is president (Laporta), sporting director, and if Lucho is still around. For me, A RB has to be a top priority. - XC

Why is Reus considered loyal? - barca96

Reus is loyal for now. If/when Dortmund head down to the second division, I have a hard time seeing him staying at BVB-trying to fight back to the first division-while his talents in the prime of his career go to waste. Personally, I see Reus either joining an EPL team in 2016 or somehow joining Barça in '16. - XC


What exactly caused the Spain's XI to decline? - EZ - E

Puyol retiring, no true attack on wings to go along with Costa not fitting in the team's style of play. - XC

To what extent was Spain hurt as a team by the demise of Villa and Pedro? - EZ - E

Tremendously hurt. For now, Spain has no true attack on the wings. Pedro is obviously not the player he was five years ago, and Villa has retired. Diego Costa still hasn't fit in with the squad's style of play. Perhaps in a year or two, Gerard Deulofeu and Jese will change this, but for now, Spain are weak in attack and will solely depend on Iniesta and David Silva to play on the wings. - XC

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