The Zubi Principle: A Grand Theory of FC Barcelona 2008-2015


This Work is Dedicated to My Mentor and The Intellectual Father of "The Zubi Principle"

I would like to introduce a theory that will help us understand the changes within the club since 2008-9 from the beginning of Pax Guardiolus to today's age of Lucho’s Creative-Anarchy. It is the theory of Transfer Evolution that I will call "The Zubi Principle" in honor of one of the most illustrious figures in our club's history. I humbly offer this theory as an alternative to other competing ones that try to explain the current state of our team.

According to modern understandings of evolution, change results through several mechanisms including three which are important here:

1) Natural Selection

2) Mutation

3) Migration

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The assumption here is that opposing teams will always try to counter their rival’s strengths through the use of tactics that seek to neutralize these strengths. Given this reality, a team has three mechanisms to stay on top given these constant competitive adaptations.

1) Change Tactics

2) Change Players

3) Change Coaches

This theory should take into account important events in our club's recent history and recognize the consequences of these changes. Thus, to understand why our team is in the condition it is today one must consider the following pivotal changes:

1) The Eto/Ibra Transfer Disaster

2) The Rise of Messi as the World’s Greatest Player as a false 9

3) The decision to sell Yaya and the rise of Busquets to form the classic Xavi-Iniesta-Busquets trio

4) The failed Cesc Experiment and Thiago’s departure

5) Mascherano’s temporary and then permanent use as a CB replacement for Puyol.


6) The rise of different "tactics" as an effective adaptation in combating "tiki-taka" and Messi as a scoring machine

7) Pep’s Departure and the instability resulting from a succession of managers

8) The possible premature decline of Iniesta and the inevitable decline of Xavi due to age/wear and tear

9) The most consequential Barca transfer since Ronaldinho: Neymar

10) The decision this year to switch Sanchez for Suarez and bring in Rakitic instead of Kroos.


The 2015 Treble Winning Side: A team molded by the Creative Vision and Iron Will of a Misunderstood Genius who was unjustly fired and is still unappreciated by numerous haters jealous of his Colossal Foresight and Talent

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