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No matter what, Lionel Messi will always be taken for granted

David Ramos/Getty Images

You know when you get married for the first time, and the first six months are awesome? It's all new, you do everything together, you go eat at different places, you want to be with the other person all the time, and it's all love and fun. And that love and fun don't seem to disappear at all.

But then, routine happens. You see her all the time, you have to eat the same bad dinner she cooked every night, you think she just wants to spend your money going to the mall every weekend, you don't see movies together anymore, you look to go out with your friends just to get that crappy marriage out of your mind. And eventually, things aren't fun anymore. Love runs out, and you're stuck. You ask yourself, "do I even love her anymore?" You took things for granted, the marriage got bad and you never realized it. You're not happy, and all of a sudden it's over.

Once in a while, that metaphor comes to my mind when I think about Barcelona (and football) fans and Lionel Messi. The relationship started in an amazing way, and we all loved to witness his greatness. We just watched in awe as he blitzed the sport and became one of the best players in history. Every Messi game wasn't just must-watch, it was can't-miss. You just say to yourself "MESSI IS PLAYING! I HAVE TO SEE IT!"

Seeing him win with Pep Guardiola was awesome. He did things we never thought was possible, and he made us smile with every new trophy he lifted while doing impossible and beautiful things.

But as time went on, we started to take Messi for granted. Even though he was still doing Lio Stuff, we just weren't appreciating him as we should. Especially after Barça started losing with Tata Martino. Even Barcelona fans were saying he was in decline, and maybe the Messi Era has just become part of the past.

And then came this season, and Leo doesn't like his coach, he doesn't like being moved back to the right flank and he's not happy. And his season is probably going to confirm to everybody that Messi is simply not the same and we're going to see a shadow of his former self.

But, as always, Leo did his talk on the field. And after five months of REAL high-level football, we have to recognize that we were all wrong about him. I don't care what you say, at some point you questioned your trust on Messi. It's just that simple. Your marriage became routine. And you knew that things weren't the same, but you don't know what happened. You took the marriage for granted, and all of a sudden you're questioning whether or not this is good for you.

We've all taken Messi for granted. We are still going to take Messi for granted. He's just SO FAWKING GOOD that his greatness becomes routine. It shouldn't be. We are witnessing something historic every single time we watch a Messi match. But sometimes we just forget about it.

One thing we should never, EVER, forget: Lionel Messi is just the best wife ever.

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