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Dani Alves declines extension offer, now very likely to leave Barcelona

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The Dani Alves Saga continues, and it might have taken a turn for the worse.

On Friday afternoon, two days after a meeting with the sporting commission, Alves's agent, Dinorah Santana, held a press conference to clarify the whole negotiating process, and she revealed that the player has decided to decline Barça's extension offer. Although Dinorah hasn't explicitly said it, the feeling among the Blaugrana higher-ups is that the legendary full-back is going to leave Catalonia this summer.

Dinorah explained that Barça presented an offer on Friday morning, finally accepting Alves's desire of a three-year contract extension, but the Brazilian would have to play in at least 60% of the team's matches during each of the three seasons. "Basically, if he doesn't play 60% of the games in any season, his contract is terminated and he won't be a Barcelona player anymore", Dinorah added.

Dani's agent also said that they are very disappointed at the offer, "especially after Dani agreed to wait for the offer from Barça and did not talk to any other club until he received the proposal from his current team. He even agreed to sign for two years without using offers from other clubs as leverage to get a better deal."

"Dani is sad and so am I. We had this excitement about him staying at Barça and they come with this proposal that they know we were not going to accept. This is their final offer", she said.

"We currently have on the table two offers from Champions League teams that are offering three-year contracts with better wages. We already knew that Barça wasn't going to match those offers, neither did we want them to, but we never expected them to come with such a bad contract. They're showing that they don't value Dani and Alves needs to feel that he still has value in order to stay here."

Finally, Dinorah also indicated that the whole contract situation has affected Alves's performances on the field. "Dani has had some bad moments this season that I can attribute to this situation, and I know it has affected him psychologically. It has also affected me, since not only is he a client of mine, he's also my ex-husband and father of my children. It also hurts me psychologically because every night my kids ask me if their dad is moving away from them."

To conclude the press conference, Dani's agent said that she decided to talk to the press "to clarify the situation and avoid any misunderstandings, and also to show that Alves is not just thinking about money."

I don't think there's any chance Dani stays after this conference. Do you?

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