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Luis Suárez: 'I'm trying to help the team as much as I can, doesn't matter how'

David Ramos/Getty Images

Luis Suárez is everything Barcelona hoped he would be on the field. His 21 goals and double-digit assists despite not playing football for four months are impressive. He has brought a level of fight and intensity that the team simply did not have before, and that has changed the way his teammates approach the game.

But is perhaps off the field that Suárez is being more impressive and surprising. Known for being a head case in every place he's played in his career, the Uruguayan has been a model of professionalism at Barça. He always said he dreamed of being a Blaugrana, and he wouldn't do anything to mess up that dream now that he finally realized it. And he's maintaining his word.

Suárez is a focused man, and he doesn't care about his individual accolades as long as the club reaches its goals, and that is becoming more and more clear with his performances and his demeanor. In an interview following his brace on Barça's 6-0 win over Getafe on Tuesday, Luisito highlighted how focused he is on helping the team, and scoring goals is not his motivation to play for Barça. And he reminded how important the final stretch of the season is, and that there are no room for mistakes if the Blaugrana want to be on top of the world again.

"The only thing I am trying to do is help the team as much as I can. It doesn't matter if that is with goals, with assists or by defending."

"We are aware that every rival that we will play against will be looking for three points. We knew that tonight and we knew the pressure that Getafe would apply, like they did when we played them away.

"And for that reason we have started the match with a lot of effort from the very first minute. We knew we couldn't mess up."

"There is commitment from all the team, the fans, the coaching staff... We are obliged to achieve important things.

"Now we are in the most important part of the season and we can't make mistakes."

Source: GolTV via Sport

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