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Thomas Müller on Barcelona match: "Until the ref blows the final whistle, we have hope"

Lars Baron/Getty Images

There are very few people believing that Bayern Munich has enough to overcome the 3-0 defeat they suffered against Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League semifinal first leg last week. But at least the Bayern players believe in themselves.

Thomas Müller, the high-energy, high-scoring Bavarian forward, spoke to the press after his team's training session, and he used the word "hope" several times. For him, there is still a chance, but he recognized how difficult the mission is.

Here's a few highlights of his conference:

"I am very emotional on the pitch but now my feelings are very much in check. I am not overexcited nor pessimistic, but we still have a chance. We are FC Bayern. It's like before the Porto game. We will try our best, and in football anything can happen. Naturally, I believe in us.

"Since last Wednesday we have been saying we still have a chance, but we need to play even better. We did not play too badly last week. We still have hope.

"I don't think there has been any hangover from [Germany winning] the World Cup. We have had a lot of injuries this season. Of course we would like to have more options, but we still have a good squad. With nearly the same team we beat Porto 6-1 a few weeks ago.

"Will, passion, the fans' support – that is what we will need. I wouldn't say that we need a miracle. If we do get through, the press can write that it was a miracle, but that's not the way I would see it.

"We have nothing to lose. The players want it, the coach wants it – it is not over yet. Until the ref blows the final whistle, we have hope."


Müller is actually one of the several Bayern players I really like -- I like his style, how hard he plays, and how much fun he has at the same time. But hope isn't enough, dude. You have to be better than Barça tomorrow. And score at least three goals without conceding. GOOD LUCK.

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