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Pep Guardiola calls current Barcelona "one of the best teams in the last 15 years"

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola had some pretty high praise for Barcelona on Monday's pre-match press conference.

The former Blaugrana boss called the current squad led by Luis Enrique one of the best European teams in the last 15 years! Pep also talked about how hard the second leg of the Champions League semifinal will be, but he still believes his players have a chance to advance to the Berlin final if they play a perfect match.

Here's a few highlights of his conference:

"We are down three goals against one of the best teams in Europe in the last 15 years, but we have to try."

"We have to attack more than we did in Barcelona. We have to control the game."

"We have to defend well too. With the strikers they have, every turnover becomes a counterattack."

"I think the players have shown they want to be in the final. It's a big challenge and we'll try our best."

"I'm the coach, I'm a realist, and I'll never say we don't have a chance. We have to play with our hearts and our heads."


When the best coach in club history calls this team one of the best in the last 15 years, you know this team is really, really, really good.

Do you agree with Pep, Barça fans?

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