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Javier Mascherano: "We need to forget our lead and try to win"

Lars Baron/Getty Images

Javier Mascherano was the selected Barcelona player that spoke to the media before the UEFA Champions League semifinal second leg against Bayern Munich.

The Sheriff was in a focused mood during the conference, saying that the 3-0 lead doesn't mean a lot because of Bayern's talent and ability to overcome adversity. The Argentine also believes this team has a shot at greatness if it wins the Champions League, and called the opportunity to play in Berlin "a dream". Mascherano also had tremendous praise for his national team and Barça teammate, Lionel Messi, calling the Barça striker "the best player of all time."

Here's a few other highlights of his pre-match press conference:

"I think we need to forget that we are leading 3-0. we have to try to win this match. We know that we are doing well in the league. If we try something different [in this competition], we would be making a mistake.

"Tomorrow's game is really exciting for us. Playing in the Champions League final is a dream. We are not excessively confident about what could happen tomorrow - they are going to try everything [to progress].

"We will attack because we do not know how to play any other way - it's the club philosophy. To reach the final in Berlin, we will have to play the perfect game, because Bayern will demand it of us.

"This Barça team is aiming to become a great side. We are on the way and let's hope we can get there. We are very competitive, we want to win titles - we are 90 minutes away from the final. We will do everything to fulfill our dream. If you get to this stage, every mistake can be punished - we have to take it step by step tomorrow.

"This is a match everyone wants to take part in - it's what you dreamed of as a child. I try to enjoy it, because you never know if you will reach this stage again.

"I don't know how Bayern will lineup. But I expect a hungry Bayern team, right from the start. They will try to score, we know how they play like at home. But we are prepared for everything, nothing will surprise us. If we just defend they will come to us, now we are in the semi-final of the CL, it would be a mistake just to defend.

"I am a huge fan of Messi - I enjoy watching him. You can't compare him to anyone. For me he is the best player of all time."

I like that focus and the wish to play well, Masche. Hope the team follows your lead again, as always.

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