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Diego Maradona on Lionel Messi: "My goals were much more beautiful"

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

In the eyes of the people of Argentina, Diego Armando Maradona is still the greatest Argentine footballer of all time. Of course, he has been surpassed by Lionel Messi a long time ago, not only in results but also in performances and quality of play. But because of the bond that El Pibe de Oro has with the Albiceleste and the people of that country, many of those still love Maradona.

And there will be comparisons between Maradona and Messi forever, just because that’s how fandom works – when a great player shows up, you compare it to another great player. It’s fun for debates and everything, and it always gets better when the guys involved give some inside information on their own feelings towards such comparisons.

In an interview to CNN, Maradona was asked about the constant comparisons between him and the Barcelona superstar, and he had a funny response. AGAIN, IT WAS A JOKE. Don’t throw stones at him:

"Messi has scored 300 goals. I’ve doubled it and all of my goals were so much more beautiful than his", he said with a laugh.

After that, Diego got a bit more serious when talking about Leo’s playing style: "Messi is still searching for a definitive identity to his game, and he will find eventually. I knew what my style was from the start, but he is still evolving and scoring a lot of goals in the process."

For those who don’t remember, Diego coached Messi during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, and watched in awe as Leo had a tremendous performance, but couldn’t score a single goal in a campaign that ended with a painful 4-0 loss to third-place Germany. The relationship between the two then was scrutinized to eternity, but they got along pretty well.

It’s good to know Maradona has no hard feelings. He’s crazy, but he’s still a cool guy.

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