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Atlético Madrid's Fernando Torres: 'I hope Barcelona doesn't win La Liga here'

Sounds familiar?

David Ramos/Getty Images

The crazy footballing soap opera we like to call "Atlético Madrid Players Not Really But Kinda Sorta Trash-Talking Barcelona Before the Big Game on Sunday Just Because They’re Afraid They’re Going to Lose at Home and Will Have to Watch a Title Celebration" continued on Friday afternoon, when Colchonero striker Fernando Torres spoke to the media and followed on midfielder Koke’s footsteps.

Koke said a day earlier that Atleti has no intention whatsoever of letting the Blaugrana win at Vicente Calderón, which would clinch the 2014/15 La Liga title for the Catalans, and he also said that Lionel Messi "can’t make much of a difference" when he faces a complete team like Diego Simeone’s squad.

Torres had a similar set of quotes, and while his tone was more respectful, the message was the same: Barcelona will not celebrate the Spanish League title on Atleti’s face. Which is funny, because that’s exactly what Atleti did in Barça’s home last season, and Barça fans APPLAUDED the Atleti people.

"I hope that they don’t win it here. We hope to win the game ourselves and assure ourselves of third place.

"But football is like that. Atlético became champions last year at the Camp Nou and, as football and fate would have it, Barcelona has the possibility of becoming champions at our ground.

"But that does not tell us anything because we are fighting a different war, and that’s win to be third and achieve our goal".

Atlético’s goal is to finish in third place in the standings, because that would mean they wouldn’t have to go through the UEFA Champions League qualifiers. A win against Barça would clinch that opportunity to the Colchoneros, so they do want to defeat the Blaugrana, which would be a first-timer this season.

Atleti players are starting to remind me of the Bayern Munich players who also talked A LOT before the UCL semifinal. We all know how that ended, right?

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