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Dani Alves rants about Barcelona board, feels undervalued, uncertain about future at club

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Dani Alves ain't feeling so hot about the current Barcelona board, or his future.

The Brazilian right-back called for a press conference on Monday to clarify his situation with the Blaugrana, and his message was clear: staying at Barça is just another option. Alves ranted about the club officials, who haven't treated him with the respect he feels he deserves, have under-appreciated and undervalued his contributions to the institution, and didn't give him a good enough offer to renew his contract.

Here's a few highlights of his press conference:

Barça's change of heart: "Six months ago the club did not want to give me a new deal, but after FIFA's transfer ban, they changed their opinion. Now they want to renew my contract, but I know the value that I have because I have worked for it. If they don't value me, I will look for another place."

Not appreciated: "I have felt under-appreciated and under-valued by the club, yet I still accpeted what the club wanted. But time has passed and I began to get other offers, so now Barça is just one of my options."

Will he stay at Barça? "At the moment, no. I have one and a half feet, my body and nearly all my head out of the club. But I still have two feet in the team.

Other offers: "They value me more in other places than in Barcelona. I won't compare the offers because the club I have given so much to would lose by a lot."

Still ready to play? "I am 200 percent in the team. I'm looking forward to enjoying the two finals that we have ahead of us, but I am only 10 percent in the club. While I am a player with this club, I will continue fighting to win everything, out of respect for my teammates and the coaches, because they deserve everything."

Talks with Bartomeu: "I won't reveal what we spoke about. It didn't even interest me, so I doubt it would interest you [the journalists]. The president knows what he has to do for me to stay. If he does it, good, if not, well..."

Blackmail for a better deal? "I am not blackmailing the club, only defending myself."

Not lacking respect: "I live football more than the biggest cules, because I, in addition, am a player. I don't know how to live football in any other way. If the socios feel that is a lack of respect, I won't judge them. If they feel offended, I'm sorry for defending the shirt and for these feelings, but nobody can accuse me of a lack of respect."

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