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Report: Sevilla right-back emerges as Dani Alves replacement at Barcelona

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

It looks like Barcelona is looking to move on from the Dani Alves Era before it even ends.

The Brazilian legend is still uncertain about his future, but it doesn't seem like Barça is part of his plans next year, according to his statements on a Monday press conference at the club's training ground. If Dani indeed moves away from Catalonia, the replacement is already being considered.

According to reports from Mundo Deportivo, Sevilla jack-off-all-trades Aleix Vidal is quickly rising through the transfer priority list that Ariedo Braida and the sporting commission is working with. After a very successful campaign last season with Almería, Vidal was bought by Sevilla and became a great contributor to Unai Emery's squad.

What's most impressive about Vidal is his versatility. He was initially brought as a left-midfielder, but because of injuries and various roster turnovers, he was asked to play on the right side, and much of the final portion of his season was spent as a right-back, where he showed good defensive skills, something he wasn't exactly know for.

While Vidal isn't highly touted as a world-class performer, he's a very, very, very cheap alternative to all other names being thrown around. Sevilla only spent €3 million on him, and there is no reason to think Barça would have to pay a much bigger fee than that one. The cost-benefit of a potential transaction trends in the right direction given his evolution in just one season at a top club in Spain.

There isn't anything really solid about this yet -- no offers have been made -- but there is reason to be excited. Vidal is good, and cheap. Maybe the perfect replacement for the ex-Sevilla man who became a Barça legend is actually an ex-Sevilla man.

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