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Luis Enrique: "I love the word treble, but it soon could turn from three to zero"

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After Lionel Messi concluded his pre-match press conference, it was time for Barcelona coach Luis Enrique to take the mic and preview the clash between the Blaugrana and Bayern Munich, in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal at Camp Nou.

As Barça gets to the end of the season with a real chance to win all three major titles the club is competing on (La Liga, UCL, Copa del Rey), the boss is conscious of the probability of winning the desired treble, but he is also aware that things could go south in no time. That's why he is completely focused on Bayern and how his team needs to perform on Wednesday night.

Speaking of Bayern, Enrique commented on his friend Pep Guardiola, and he doesn't see the match as a "Beat Guardiola" mission. For Lucho, winning the game is all that matters. Screw the story line.

Here's a highlights of his presser answers:

"I love the word treble. I don't run away from it. But professionals know that it could soon turn from three to zero.

"We're in condition to win the treble but until you catch the bear you can't sell it's skin. The first step is to get to the final.

"Special defense on Messi? I don't think it will affect him too much. Bayern know Leo well. It's one thing to know Messi and another thing to stop him.

"There's nothing I'm afraid of, but I have professional respect. We have to play with enthusiasm and intensity to show we can qualify.

"Watching how Bayern have been progressing and knowing Pep we know that they may have some surprises which will complicate our life.

"But for the majority of the season we've been able to overcome obstacles that have been put in front of us by the majority of our rivals, even if now that is going to have to be against Pep.

"For me Bayern have changed their style a bit since Guardiola arrived. They've kept the good things Bayern had, and Pep has put his print on them too, which you know I like a lot.

"They're an intense team in defence, conceding very few goals, and they're one of the best teams in Europe."

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