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Xabi Alonso and Manuel Neuer both confident in Bayern's chances against Barcelona

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Two Bayern Munich leaders are very confident ahead of the Champions League semifinal against Barcelona.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday afternoon, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and midfielder Xabi Alonso both indicated the team will not stop attacking, and while they know how dangerous the 'MSN' trio is, they will do everything to stop them. Or at least slow them down.

Here's a few highlights from the answers of each player:


"Lionel Messi is a great player, it is not easy to stop him. But we'll try. It's easy to say you can stop him, but doing it is another thing. Let's say we'll try to slow Messi down."

"This tie is totally different from the one against Porto. Now it's the semifinals, we want to be in Berlin and we are extremely focused on what's going to happen on the pitch. There is no extra motivation other than the fact that we have worked a lot to get here. We can't make the same mistakes we made against Porto."


"I already know those players, I know what they need and what they strong suits are, but it is true with those three that anything is possible. But we have studied Barça's forwards."

"We don't want to play behind all the time, we want to show them who we are and attack. It would be important to score at least a goal. Which system we use doesn't matter, we are going to attack."

"I am very optimistic that we will reach the Champions League Final."

"Ter Stegen is an excellent goalkeeper. He has a great first touch with both feet. We have a great relationship and I hope to see him back at the national team sooner rather than later. He has played great at Barça and I want nothing but the best for him. He hasn't reached his peak form yet."

"Best footballer in the world? We will watch all of them tomorrow".

Source: SportMD

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