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Luis Enrique: "Lionel Messi is a player from another dimension"


Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Luis Enrique is a really good coach. But even he knows that talent overcomes all tactics.

The Blaugrana manager was fantastic in Wednesday's win against Bayern Munich, "outPeping" Pep Guardiola with an intense, high pressing gameplan that was executed to perfection by his players. But that tactical masterpiece couldn't lead to a goal, until Lionel Messi showed up and changed the game by himself.

Talking to the media after the match, Lucho recognized how good his best player is, but he also made it very clear that the tie is not over, no matter how great the first leg result was. Here's a few topics from his post-match press conference.

"In the last 15 minutes we won the game but not the tie. It's an impressive result … But in Munich we will not be speculating with the result. Getting into the Champions League final is a very big prize and I am sure that the team will take the second leg as responsibly as they should".

How things developed

"We didn’t expect anything other than a tight game between two teams that would put on pressure whenever they didn’t have the ball."

"If we weren’t such a good side, we’d have no chance against Bayern. The play was balanced for a very long time but we created more goalscoring chances and the players are to be thanked for that."

"I had no doubt that Bayern would come to attack because that’s how Pep Guardiola understands football. We’ll do the same when we go to Munich, we’ll try to take the game to Bayern."

"I knew Pep would try to keep the ball from us, so we had to think about what we’d do whenever we couldn’t manage to get it back."

"In such a huge game against such a top level team, the small details tip the balance. And we have three incredible players up front. They were spectacular in the last 15 minutes."

"I hope that my best night as manager has yet to come, but this has been a great night, no doubt about that."

The return leg

"Getting into the Champions League final is a very big prize and I am sure that the team will take the second leg as responsibly as they should."

"We are going to try to win the return leg and make our fans happy. The Camp Nou was spectacular throughout the match, especially in the last 15 minutes. I like it when the fans are optimistic. We need their support and it will be harder over there because they’ll have their fans"

Leo Messi

"We are used to Messi showing us that he is a player from another dimension. But we should also note how much ground was covered by the defenders and attackers tonight."


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