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Barcelona's Treble Winning Season: The Perfect Sequel

Barcelona's season was like a movie, particularly, a sequel to the Pep Guardiola era. I used the aid of online dictionary of movies and television, TV Tropes, to break it down.

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Man, this season was a wild ride. How wild? Well, Kevin Williams of said it was so good a story Hollywood would turn it down for being unrealistic. Xoel Cardenas on this blog wrote that the best summary of the season was that it was a tale of redemption.

The best way to think of this season is the sequel to the Pep Guardiola era. In that "first movie", Barcelona established itself as THE world power and perhaps the best team ever. This new movie is all about Barça losing their way, reaching low points, and coming back to win everything again. A classic tale if there ever was one.

I have something to confess. I love movies, TV shows, video games, and books probably more than is healthy. Because of that, I can't get enough of this site called TV Tropes, a site that purports to "catalogs all the tricks of the trade for writing fiction." It's basically a huge dictionary of terms used in media. How addictive is it? Well, one of the articles is called "TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life."

That got me thinking, can we apply TV Tropes to this season? Maybe we can't, but I did try!



(Presented in alphabetical order)

And the Adventure Continues: The movie's over, but wait, what's that? There's more to do!
Yes, Barcelona won the treble. Now it's time to get the sextuple and retain the Champions League.

And the Fandom Rejoiced: The fans are thrilled about a new development.
Everyone forgot a season's worth of disputes between fans after Barcelona lifted the treble.

The AceA character that is great at everything and everyone likes
Lionel Messi, without a doubt

All Is Well that Ends Well: The heroes celebrate their victory in the end and forget the hardships they underwent
Forget all the controversy and drama. The Treble was won!

Berseker: A character that fights using his unstoppable rage
This used to be Luis Suarez, and he went over the line to say the least. At Barcelona, he figured out how to reign it in and control his inner demons better.

Big Damn Heroes: The heroes rescue everyone just in the nick of time when all seemed lost.
So many moments, but Messi's amazing goals against Espanyol stick out at a time when Barcelona were losing and playing badly.

Bittersweet Ending: An ending that should be 100% happy is also somewhat sad.
While it's amazing that Xavi got such a spectacular send off, XAVI IS LEAVING, YOU GUYS D=

Broken Base: The fans erupt into near civil war with differing opinions
Was Luis Enrique a clueless coach that played horrible football or the chosen man to get Barcelona back into the top of the heap? The ending suggests it was the latter.

Class Clown: The one kid in class who gets attention for being so weird and funny
Two words: Dani Alves.

Crowning Moment of Awesome: A moment in which a character does something so great, the fans will be eternally grateful.
Ivan Rakitic's opening goal in the Champions League Final, Messi's super dribble in the Copa Final and insane brace in the CL semi, Luis Suarez's goals in the Clasico and CL Final, and finally, Neymar's insurance goal in the CL Final.

Curb-Stomp Battle: A fight is won in a brutal, one-sided fashion.
Poor Cordoba never stood a chance as the Blaugrana won 8-0.

Determinator: A character who never, ever gives up
Javier Mascherano seems way too short to be a central defender, but makes up for it with superhuman determination and timing.

Drill Seargent Nasty: His job is simple - amp up the team with whatever means necessary.
Luis Enrique was a tough character, but his intensity helped massively. He had to learn to back off a bit, however, and not get into confrontations with the players.

Down to the Last Play: All games in sports movies are decided by the last play.
Most notably, Sergio Busquets, who averages a goal season, scoring in the last second away to Valencia to give Barcelona a 1-0 victory. The Champions League Final was like this, too, with Neymar scoring a last-second insurance goal.

Ensemble Darkhorse: A character not known as one of the main stars of the story who the fans end up loving.
Sergio Busquets somehow remains underrated, despite being one of the best midfielders in the world for another year running. Rakitic also was underrated even by Cules when he was signed. Not anymore after so many great performances.

Fan Nickname: A nickname only known by fans
This season marked the debut of "Lord Douglas" and "Smoking Ginger Grandpa" (Jeremy Mathieu).

Game Breaker: Something in the game makes it ludicrously easy to win
Lionel Messi's ludicrous dribble against Athletic Bilbao was so amazing it was unfair. More broadly, the Messi-Suarez-Neymar combo was so talented few teams could compete.

Golden Path: There is more than one way of achieveing victory, but the Golden Path is the best one
Barcelona beat the champions of the top 5 European leagues this season, as well as a few other league champions and the reigning Europa League and Champions League holders.

Heroic Rematch: The hero is given another shot at the villain who defeated him prior
Barcelona were embarrassed by Bayern Munich a few seasons ago, but they got to pay it back with a comfortable semifinal victory.

Heroic Second Wind: Just when the heroes look beaten, they regain their composure and fight back better than ever!
The entire season is this. The team was in full crisis mode after losing to Real Sociedad. There was a spat between coach Luis Enrique and the biggest star, Messi. Yet, since that game, the team was virtually unstoppable on their way to the treble.

He's Back: Something terrible happens to our hero, but he comes back triumphant once again.
After a season struggling with injuries that ended with just barely losing the World Cup, Lionel Messi was in perhaps the darkest place ha had been for a while. He followed it up with what many are calling his best season. Also applies to Barcelona as a whole, after a season of not winning any major silverware, they won the treble.

Kid Hero: A youngster with powers beyond his years.
Marc-Andre Ter Stegen won the Champions League in his first year at Barcelona, and now he is off to a youth tournament with his native Germany. His opposing number, Gianluigi Buffon, won the World Cup when MATS was 14.

Knight in Shining ArmorA hero who behaves honorably and remains calm at all times
Andres Iniesta is almost universally loved. He's so pale as if to shine, as well. His nickname is "The Pale Knight."

Let's Get Dangerous: A desperate moment in which the supporting cast reveal its amazing ability
Jeremy Mathieu, not a very popular signing, exemplified this when Barcelona really needed it. First, he scored the opening goal against Real Madrid, and the next week, he scored a crucial winner against Celta.

Lovable Rogue: A character who breaks the rules sometimes but is nonetheless loved by most because of his charm
Gerard Pique doesn't play by the rules and isn't beyond a bit of banter, but come on, look at that smile. Even Shakira can't resist.

Meaningful Name: The significance of the character's name becomes apparent.
Claudio Bravo made big save after big save. Fans had only one thing to say: "bravo, Bravo!"

Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: The villain accidentally saves the day
Real Madrid President Florentino Perez accidentally gave Barcelona a boost by signing big names but never adequately replacing Xabi Alonso.

The Obi Wan: An older character who acts as a mentor because he knows his career is nearing the end
Xavi graciously accepted the role of a bench player and became fundamental for the team.

Older and Wiser: A character from a previous installment comes back to impart wisdom on the new heroes
Luis Enrique was a Barcelona star who won a few trophies, notably the European Cup Winners' Cup as a player. He came back as a manager and lifted Barcelona to heights he had not previously reached.

Redemption Quest: The story is all about getting redemption.
Of course. Barcelona come back after a horrible season to set things straight. The semifinal win against Bayern Munich was emblematic.

Super Speed: Faster than a speeding bullet.
Jordi Alba, 'nuff said.

The Power of Friendship: The heroes use friendship as a strength to win.
The players frequently spoke of how united the dressing room was. Many say the reason the forward line superstar trio of Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez worked so well was because they were all friendly and unselfish with each other.

They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Small changes can make fans go crazy and say things are ruined FOREVER.
Luis Enrique's adjustments were slight and obviously necessary, but many would not forgive him for deviating slightly from Pep Guardiola's brand.

Use Your Head: Literally, use your head as a weapon
Barcelona used to be known as a small team that could be beaten in the air. With the arrival of  Juan Carlos Unzue as assistant manager, as well as new faces like Suarez, Rakitic, and Mathieu, this is no longer the case. The team won big games with headed goals and rarely conceded them.

Win Back the Crowd: The fans are starting to lose faith or interest, but it gets turned around.
Many fans were ready to give up on Luis Enrique after only a half season as a coach, but his grand vision started tot take hold and more and more apologized for doubting him.

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