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Lionel Messi talks influences, Barcelona, MSN, Champions League Final

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Barcelona striker, legend, best player ever, genius, and leader Lionel Messi gave a nice interview to UEFA's website. The Argentine talked about his life, parents, the club, his MSN partners and more about the Champions League Final against Juventus next Saturday.

Take a look:

On his biggest influences...

"Well, my father has always been with me and my mum; they have both always followed me everywhere. And as with every mum and dad, I guess they then advised me and told me about my performances and how I did. They took care of me, especially in terms of football and my development. Then the club also helped me, and so on. But all in all, it has been always my family helping and supporting me."

On what the club means to him...

"When I got here, it was a very important step I took, not only for my football career but also on a personal level. I have been very grateful for what the club have done for me and the warmth and support I have received. I have developed and grown here at this club. I like this club a lot because, as I said before, it's more than just how they helped and supported me in all the years I have been here."

On Neymar and Luis Suárez ...

"We get along with each other really well, not only on the field but also off it. I think that if you get along well off the pitch, this makes things easier on the pitch."

On the final...

"It's a Champions League final - we have to go through a lot to make it to the final because we know it is not easy to become champions again. Our dream is to win it all. We know that we will face a very tricky opponent - they are very strong, Juventus are a big team. It is a final and anything can happen, but we will prepare and approach it as we have approached finals before."

On his goals in the 2009 and 2011 finals...

"I've always said, both have been very important in my career because of the matches themselves and the moments when I scored the goals. The first one in Rome - when I scored the second - meant we had practically won the match and would lift the trophy. Then the moment I made it 2-1 at Wembley, the match was pretty even. That's why we celebrated like that. Both goals were very special for me."

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