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Rafinha Alcântara injured in training; doubtful for Chelsea friendly

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Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

A little bit of worrying news as Barcelona prepares to face Chelsea on Tuesday.

Rafinha Alcântara, the Brazilian midfielder who has been one of the Blaugrana stars in the US tour, left the first training session in Washington, D.C, with back pain. The first reports indicate that there is nothing serious about the injury, and the only reason Rafinha left the session was precaution from the coaching staff.

While the back problem is not a real issue, and Rafinha would give it a go in an important match anyway, there is some talk of Luis Enrique leaving the player out of the friendly against the Premier League champions, because the result doesn't matter and there is a marathon coming up in the month of August. Losing a key player on a friendly would be foolish if the problem can be avoided, which is clearly the case here.

In other news, Douglas Pereira and Pedro Rodríguez, also struggling with fitness at the moment, only did light work on the side, but both are expected to play against the Blues.