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Barcelona could buy second division spot for Barça B in 2015/16

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The 2014-15 season was terrible for Barça B, one of the most powerful young teams in the world. Not only did the Blaugrana branch not give the first team a new star, like the last few years, the lack of good performances resulted in a tough relegation to the Spanish League's third division, Segunda B.

However, that relegation could not happen, and the B team might stay in the second division after all. That's because of the financial struggles of a former Primera team, Elche.

The Alicante side finished 13th in last season's edition of La Liga. But because of a €6.8 million wage debt to its players, Elche suffered what is called "administrative relegation", automatically going to the second division regardless of its position because of financial problems, which is a rule in Spain.

The problems are not over for Elche, though. Administrative relegations also exist for the Segunda, and Elche has until this Friday to pay off those debts. If they don't, the Sporting Administrative Court (TAD, in Spanish) will relegate the club once again, this time to Segunda B, Spain's third division.

And that's where Barcelona could take advantage. There will be a spot available for a team who's in the third division if Los Franjiverdes are indeed relegated again. A club could "buy" their spot in the Segunda if they pay the exact same €6.8 million Elche owes. Out of all current third divisioners, Barcelona is the only one with the financial power to make that investment.

Barça's board of directors is taking the subject under heavy consideration, according to sources. If the opportunity presents itself on Friday, the club is willing to maintain Barça B in the second tier. In doing so, they could solve a lot of problems. Players like Sergi Samper, Sandro Ramírez, Alen Halilovic and Adama Traoré have expressed desire to leave Barça B and compete in a better league than Segunda B.

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