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Luis Suárez open to future Major League Soccer move: "It's a good option"

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David Beckham, Roy Keane, Thierry Henry, Steven Gerrard, David Villa, Kaká. These are just some of the legendary football players who have decided to move to Major League Soccer at some point of their careers, most of them to retire there while earning a lot of money as designated players in the franchises.

As the level of MLS competition and attention continues to grow, many football stars start to consider ending their careers playing in America, which helps the league to become better and more appealing to other stars and football fans.

Barcelona recently went on a tour around the United States and even played a friendly against the most famous team in MLS, LA Galaxy. While there, Blaugrana striker Luis Suárez talked to ESPN Deportes, and he said that going to the American league at the end of his career is definitely an option. He also talked about his present with the Catalan giants, his 'MSN' partners, his future, and more.

Here's a few highlights:

On being rated as one of the world's best: You always try to take the accolades and the things they say, but it's not that you're not humble, or that I consider myself one of the best players in the world. I do my job and I'm in the best team in the world, and I'm doing things that I never imagined - but the rest we'll leave for their opinion.

Playing with Messi and Neymar: I'm privileged to play alongside those two players and with Iniesta, who it was a dream to play with, enjoying being by their side.

Can he improve? I don't know if the ceiling is higher, but I'm benefitting from a preseason and I have gone six years without doing this, becausse it's always one competition after another.

On the treble: What we did last year people will always remember, because it's unique, and this year we have the chance to win the same titles and also make it six titles in a year.

On his future: My dream is to retire at Nacional, but I want to be remembered by Uruguay fans. I also said I would like to return to Ajax, because they gave me everything and I was happy, but I want a team that has helped me, not in any side.

MLS: You never know what might happen. The family was comfortable here. I didn't dislike it, there's no pressure at all. I walked three blocks in San Francisco and the people didn't recognise me, because football is not the country's first sport, and they left me alone. It's a good option.

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