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Quiz: UEFA Super Cup Special

Wanna test your knowledge of the UEFA Super Cup and of Sevilla FC ahead of tonight's match? Well, it's a good thing we have this new feature then

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

As FC Barcelona fans, it's pretty obvious that we know a lot about our favourite club. Some fans, myself included, could probably name the entirety of our B team squad, or pretty much any other obscure piece of Barca knowledge -- but how much do we know about our opponents on a week to week basis? Some of us will be La Liga experts, following all the latest developments right across the league. Others will be more focused on the Blaugrana and their immediate rivals; this new feature is designed to test your knowledge of each week's opposition.

With tonight being the UEFA Super Cup, this week's edition is a special, Super Cup themed quiz. The format will remain the same each matchday; 20 questions, multiple choice -- winner takes...well, winner takes the bragging rights. This week, just to ease you in, we've only got 15 questions on the Super Cup and Sevilla, with a general five added in on Barcelona for good measure.

The question this week is: how much do you know about Sevilla FC, and how much do you know about the UEFA Super Cup? Take our quiz below, powered by Insticator and post your results in the comments section below.

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