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Barcelona 5-4 Sevilla, Super Cup Post-Match Reaction: 3 Things we Learned

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What. A. Game. Barcelona and Sevilla played what ended up being one of the greatest football games of all time. It almost caused a heart attack on every supporter from each team watching that match, and it took 120 unforgettable minutes to produce a winner, and it was the Blaugrana.

Here's a few takeaways from a magical night.

3 Things

1. Barça's defense is really worrying right now. During the preseason, the Catalans didn't have Dani Alves and Javier Mascherano on the side yet, so many assumed that once those two came back, everything would settle nicely and all would be just fine. Tuesday's match ended up being a thriller because of a total Barça implosion that happened mostly because of a nightmarish second half by the defensive system, especially the left side with Mathieu and Bartra later on. Luis Enrique really needs to work on his defense, or every game will be crazy.

2. Unai Emery is awesome, and Sevilla is a bitch. We're all used to the Rojiblancos being so tough, organized and resilient, and they took those principles to another level in Tbilisi, especially in the second half. Coach Emery showed how much control he has over his group, and he made everyone work their tails off to get back in the game. This team is never going away, and they truly made Barça's title win something the Catalans have to be proud of, because Bitch Sevilla made them work for it. Much respect to you, Emery.

3. Rafinha Alcântara is going to be huge. This kid is amazing. He definitely did not look like a 22-year-old on the game, showing so much composure and confidence during the game that, just for this Super Cup, fans didn't really miss Neymar Jr. Rafinha worked his tail off on defense to keep Messi and Suárez from working too much on that end, and he contributed a damn lot on offense, scoring his goal and having an overall great match. Messi was the MVP, Pedro scored the winner, Suárez was also a headliner, but Rafinha is the unsung hero of Tuesday's trophy-winning game.

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