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Lionel Messi: "I'm thrilled that Pedro got the winning goal"

David Ramos/Getty Images

The UEFA Super Cup MVP was Lionel Messi, but he's happy someone else was also important on the win.

The Argentine striker scored two fabulous free-kick goals, and he was also involved in the game-winning score that ended a spectacular game with a 5-4 win for the Blaugrana, who squandered a 4-1 second half lead but were able to get a victory after 120 minutes. The game-winner came from the left foot of Pedro Rodríguez, who was once again key on a title win for the Catalan giants.

However, Pedro is set to join Manchester United, and the heroics of Tuesday might have been his last moment with Barça. And Messi is very happy that Pedro possibly bid farewell in the best way possible. The Argentine also talked about the match, winning more trophies and the support from the fans in Tbilisi.

Here's a few highlights:

"I've just been lucky enough to score those [two early free-kicks] and I'm very happy the team won and very grateful to everyone for their support and such a warm welcome. We seemed to be the home team [with the support in the crowd]! It was like we were the hosts and we're very pleased to have won.

"The key thing is to win and to win as many trophies as possible. Winning today was significant because of what the Super Cup represents in terms of starting the season on the right foot, so we're delighted. All trophies are great.

"The match began strangely for us, we were losing but then I thought we were much better and stronger. We had the ball for the first hour, we created opportunities and scored but then we relaxed and they pressed harder and scored and that was pretty tough. It looked like we were winning hands down but they came back.

"I'm thrilled that Pedro was the one to get the winning goal. Personally I don't know what his decision will be [about staying at Barcelona] but we're all with him and we'll back him. We want the best for him given what he's given the club – he deserves the best. I don't know what he'll decide but whatever he'll have our support."

Source: UEFA

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