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Claudio Bravo's wife on Barça GK battle: "It's not the time for him to be on the bench"

David Ramos/Getty Images

If Luis Enrique ever has doubts regarding who should be Barcelona's goalkeeper, someone knows what his decision should be.

Carla Prado, wife of Blaugrana goalkeeper and Copa América winner Claudio Bravo, gave an interview to a Chilean newspaper about the battle between her husband and Marc-André ter Stegen. The German keeper has gone through some tough times lately, and Bravo stepped up to the plate in the game against Athletic Bilbao, on Monday. According to Carla, that performance is enough to make her partner the undeniable starter for the Catalan giants.

"I have faith that Luis Enrique will be coherent. Claudio has had a spectacular year. I don't think he will be on the bench, nor will he miss many games.

"If he had a drop in form or was unreliable, it would be fair, but I don't think that would be reasonable at the moment.

"All the time Claudio has fewer years left in the game, so this is his moment to play. One day the time will come when he can't play anymore, but I don't think now is the time to be on the bench."

Source: Sport

Let's say the truth here: that's a pretty strong argument. She's not just going: "OMG HE'S MY HUSBAND AND I LOVE HIM AND HE'S THE BEST EVER OMG OMG OMG HE CAN'T GO ON THE BENCH NO NO NO". She actually has a good reason for Bravo to be the starting keeper. He's not out of form, he has had a spectacular year, and he's not unreliable.

This woman knows her football! Call her for some advice, Lucho!

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