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Chain of Fools - The Sergi Roberto Saga

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

We are all fools. All of us.

That's just a nature of life. We all have certainties and concepts and things we know for sure, but just one day or one event can change everything. For Barcelona fans, that happened again on Sunday.

For the longest time, we have been conditioned to think of Sergi Roberto as the next big thing - the guy that will carry on the legacy of men like Xavi and Iniesta and become the future great midfielder. But that never happened, at least for now, and slowly but surely our views of him and his talents have changed. From a big prospect to a future star to a mediocre player, we have been all over the place with our analysis of Roberto.

After a great preseason, we all thought he was finally set to reach his potential. Then he was horrible at San Mamés in the 4-0 Supercup loss against Athletic Bilbao, and we all thought it was enough. The hype job was too much, and it was time to face the fact that he's not as great as we thought he was...

Then came Sunday to make us look foolish all over again.

The injury to Dani Alves forced Roberto into the game, and watching from home, I could almost see every Barça fan's eyes rolling to the back of their heads, going "oh no, here it comes, another disappointment!". But he was f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c. He became a wing-back, a true offensive threat down the right side, creating chances for himself and others, hitting the crossbar, defending well, keeping a high level of concentration to survive the late blitz by the hosts, and finishing the game as perhaps the man of the match.

And now Roberto is good again; now he has found himself, a position where he's finally comfortable to be as great as he should be. Now the next Xavi could be a future legend by being the next Dani, which nobody ever saw coming.

That of course, until next Sunday, when he'll underperform and disappoint one more time, and we'll all look at Roberto as a mediocre man who's not worthy of playing at the best team in the world. And then he'll bounce back and be great again, and the ongoing saga of love and hate will live forever.

The Sergi Roberto Saga is awesome and terrible, and in the end, we're all fools, no matter what we think.

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