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Arsenal coach Arsène Wenger: "Alexis Sánchez and Luis Suárez are at the same level"

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Arsenal manager Arsène really loves his players, and he makes interesting comparisons.

The French coach gave an interview prior to Monday's Premier League game between the Gunners and Liverpool, which ended in a fantastic 0-0 draw, and he talked about his team's star, former Barcelona striker Alexis Sánchez. Wenger did not measure words to complement the Chilean, and he made a bold comparison with current Blaugrana goalscorer Luis Suárez. According to Wenger, they're not just equally important to their teams, but they're also similar as players.

"Sanchez and Suarez are at the same level. Suarez is a central striker and Sanchez is more a wide player who likes to go up and down and is involved in dribbling, but they have similarities.

"Sanchez has that desire to go forward and provoke, he is a guy who provokes chaos in the defences because he has a go at them. He does not go across, he goes straight. His desire to go forward, to provoke opponents, to run at people, creates danger.

"And he plays to win in every single game. I have had players like that before, players who want to win so much, but he has the style as well.

"What Sanchez has is that, in the first two yards, he is lightning quick. He has that explosive ­attitude linked with his spirit and that makes him even more spectacular."

Source: Mirror

Look, this is not meant to make fun of Wenger. I totally understand his comparison. Alexis and Luisito are similar in style and they do have a bold attitude and like to get under the skin of their opponents with their skills and competitiveness. But Suárez, in just one season, became one of the most important players for the Blaugrana, while Sánchez, who was really good with the Catalans, was never able to become a true star.

Wenger clearly likes his players, and that's okay. But Suárez is a better player, man. Sorry about that.

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