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La Liga: Barcelona vs Málaga: Predict the Score

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David Ramos/Getty Images

La Liga returns to Camp Nou! Barcelona welcome the crowd and Málaga to its historical stadium for the second match of the new season, wanting to get a victory and maintain the first place on the table.

It won't be easy, however; Málaga was the only side not to lose to the champions last season, and they were more impressive by not even conceding a goal against the Blaugrana. The last encounter between the two was at the site of Saturday's game, and the Albicelestes won 1-0 in a shocking match. Which means the Catalan giants have to be as alert as ever, as this match could once again be a slippery slope.

But Barça have the return of a very important man to the team: superstar striker Neymar is ready to go after two weeks on the sidelines with mumps, and the 'MSN' trio will be complete for the first time this season; that will certainly help the team to finally get some goals and a victory against the opposition.

How do you think this match is ending? Use the comment section to predict the score for tonight's match. Good luck!